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48 Hours

I am just overwhelmed by what has happened on kickstarter in the last 48 hours. We have reached 18% of our goal!!! After months of planning, researching, and meetings, it has been wonderful to see the positive response towards our project.  And the comments that people have posted on twitter and the kickstarter site have been so encouraging. We were even blogged about... twice! Three times!

Presently, I am editing the next interview with filmmaker, Marianna Palka, whose film, "Good Dick," went to Sundance in 2008. She shares wonderful insights about the process of making a film, I recommend it, especially if you are wearing multiple hats. She was the writer, director and actress!

I am continuing to brainstorm ways to get this project out into the world, to continue to get new backers. If anyone has ideas, please post a comment, would love to hear your thoughts!

And thank you to all for your support!

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Reader Comments (2)

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