Ready. Get set. Go!

It’s hard to believe the day has arrived; This site is up and running!

The process of getting any movie made is no small task and we are now starting a new leg of the journey. This road feels like home and there is no place we'd rather be.

This website will hopefully serve several purposes. First, it’s a way to start reaching out to our future audience and future collaborators; it takes a small army to make a movie! We decided to use a method called "crowd- funding" to raise money for the movie, which essentially means that the audience itself is the producer of this film. Pretty cool. It is a grass-roots effort. More on this later! Also, I am a first-time director, and want to learn as much as I can from filmmakers I admire before we start production, so I have started an interview series that is also on this site, where I talk with actors, writers, directors, cinematographers about some of their first filmmaking experiences. The list of guests who have already signed up is incredibly exciting!!! The first interview is with Roger Towne, screenwriter of such films as “The Natural” and “The Recruit,” and my Dad!

There have been several meetings about how to raise money for the film and that is when producers Cora Olson and Jen Dubin of Present Pictures, and I discovered the relatively new approach called crowd-funding. Basically the audience helps to produce it by sponsoring any amount they like. A little truly goes a long way. If you are interested in making a movie in this way yourself, I suggest checking outindiegogo.com and kickstarter.com. These are both crowd-funding sites and through them you can set up a very user- friendly site to raise funds. Also, if your project is socially-minded and not commercial in nature, then you may also be able to accept sponsorships through a non-profit organization such as Fractured Atlas, which works with indiegogo.com. Another wonderful resource for finding out more about crowd-funding is Peter Broderick’s website,www.peterbroderick.com. I went to a seminar of his and found it to be extremely informative. As of right now, I am a “contributor”/“producer” on such projects as “El Cosmonauta” (Spanish film), “The Bullying Project” (documentary about bullying in our schools), and “Audrey the Trainwreck” (a film that went to South by Southwest).

In order to get this site running, we had the help of some very talented artists. Todd Spiewak is the graphic designer of the site. We met several times to discuss the look of it, our biggest priority was to keep it user- friendly. Artist and filmmaker Nick Monsour designed the key art. It's an interesting task to create a poster for a film that doesn't yet exist, but if you want a brilliant mind working on it, then you want Nick. Check out his other incredible work at www.aureliaproductions.com.

As we prepare to make "I Am I," this blog will give a weekly play by play of what we're doing to make it all happen, from script rewrites to producer meetings to casting etc. We are so excited to begin this leg of the journey. Please, please, if you have any questions or advice, let us know! And also, if you are so inclined, sign up for our mailing list so that we can send you monthly updates on our progress. We will have a new interview posted every couple of weeks.

That’s all for now. Next interview coming up is with… or should I keep it a surprise???

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