It's been one year since we wrapped production on "I Am I" and what a year it's been. We are about to have our Cast & Crew screening on July 28th. It's a very special moment to finally be able to share the film with everyone who put in so much effort to make it. We will definitely post pictures from the screening and let you know how it goes! We will also be meeting some of our Kickstarter supporters for the first time, which is very exciting.



First Day on Set

We had an 18 day shoot that began mid-May of last year, shooting on location all over Los Angeles. Working on such a tight schedule with a modest-sized crew presented its challenges, but we had an incredibly dedicated team that gave it their all every day. When you're working on a micro-budget you can't afford to go into overtime and I credit our fantastic producers Jennifer Dubin and Cora Olson with keeping us on course throughout the entire shoot.

Half of our shoot days were spent at a wonderful assisted living facility where we worked alongside the residents, several of whom joined us during filming and are featured in the movie.


Simon & Jason hanging out between takes


Once finished with production, we went straight into post with our incredibly talented editor,Tamara Meem. As we edited we started thinking about what kind of music should score the film and found amazing composers, Sam Jones and Alexis Marsh. You can check out their websitehere.

Last Day of Shooting

We are also very excited to finally announce that music from the Fleet Foxes will be in the film. They are a band that we greatly admire and we were thrilled when they agreed to let us use their music. You can check out the two songs, "He Doesn't Know Why" and "Montezuma."

The film is very close to being officially done, we still have a bit of sound mixing to do, which we will be doing with the fantastic team atSonic Magic. We will keep you posted on what happens next!

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