Rraycom 4K Video Camcorder Review

4K camcorders are becoming a hit these days. Although many would settle for a 2K resolution, a lot of people would still want more. But, do you really need a 4K camcorder?

Well, it’s a matter of preference. Whether you want a much higher resolution or not, a 4K video camera camcorder would always still be the popular choice. Aside from the fact that it can provide much clearer and wider output, 4K camcorders usually have much more innovative features.

However, not all 4K camcorders are the same. There are a few great ones, but there are some bad camcorders as well. And if you are looking for the perfect fit for you, this Rraycom 4K Video Camcorder review might just help you in your search.

Is Rraycom 4k Video Camera good for you?

It is seen that the Rraycom 4K Video Camcorder is one of the top-rated camcorders of today.

And this product is perfect for you if:

  • You want a 4K digital video camera that already comes with an external microphone and wide angle lens
  • You are looking for a multi-purpose portable digital video camera
  • Price is not entirely a matter of concern
  • Remote access through a dedicated application is a priority
  • You need a night vision feature

However, this might not be the best digital video camera for you if: 

  • You are looking for features for added protection
  • Your video player is not an Apple QuickTime Player
  • You want your portable digital video camera to have its own memory card
  • You want an entry-level digital video camera
  • Your financial stability is not flexible

Quick Summary

  • Video Resolution: 4K (2880*2160)
  • Image Resolution: 48MP (9212*5184)
  • Battery Life: 90 minutes
  • Warranty Terms: 1-year warranty and 1 month for parts and replacement
  • Price: Below $250

The Rraycom 4K Video Camcorder is one of the popular camcorders of today. Although it’s quite a bit pricey than most average camcorders, its features and specifications pretty much justify its value.

Key Features and Specifications

Here are the specifications and features of the video camera camcorder that might catch your interest.

  • 4K Video Resolution: This Rraycom Camcorder features 16X digital zoom, 4K video resolution at 24 frames per second. But, users are allowed to adjust the resolution rating. You can choose from 4K, 2K, or 1080P. As for the FPS rating, this digital camcorder features 24, 30, 60 frames per rate, respectively.
  • 48 MP Image Resolution: You can capture images as well using this camcorder. With its 16X digital zoom, 48-megapixel wide angle lens, images and photos are quite clear.
  • Night Vision Function: Another feature that makes this digital camcorder quite popular is its night vision function. Users can use this on dim and dark locations as it can reach up 20 meters of distance.
rraycom night vision
  • External Microphone: The package includes an external microphone that users can attach to the camcorder. Apparently, it utilizes an X-Y Stereo Pick-Up Technology and Low-Cut Filter to reduce noise.
  • These microphone and wide angle features make the Rraycom Camcorder ideal for convention, seminar, and large-group events usage.
  • Multi-Functional Camcorder: Users can attach several accessories to the Rraycom Camcorder. The most useful and apparent accessories that are utilized for this video camera camcorder are Stabilizer, Camera Flash, GPS Locator, and additional external microphone.
  • Although these accessories are certainly additional costs since you have to purchase them separately, the Rraycom Camcorder is definitely a very flexible and versatile camcorder.
  • Wifi Module and Dedicated Application: The Rraycom 4K Camcorder is actually wifi-enabled. Users can connect this camcorder to their wifi connections. And because of this feature, files can be remotely viewed and shared through the dedicated application.
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    Novacam is the dedicated application of this wifi camcorder. It can be downloaded through smartphones and tablets. And using this application, users are allowed to manage and control the video camera camcorder.
rraycom wifi control function
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    Wide Angle Lens: This camcorder comes with a wide angle lens. The lens multiples are rated at .39x having an overall structure of 2G. The length is measured at 20-13 mm. As for the angle vision, it can reach 98 up to 114 degrees.
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    Automatic Focus: Automatic focusing is a great feature that can be very useful for beginners. And because of this, it makes the Rraycom Camcorder pretty convenient to use.

Advantages of the Rraycom 4K Video Camcorder

  • Versatile and Flexible - The Rraycom Camcorder is a very versatile and flexible camcorder. Its overall build and structure are compatible with several useful accessories for shooting videos and capturing images.
  • Great Battery Life - Theoretically, this camcorder can last up to 90 minutes because of the high-capacity rechargeable lithium battery even if the wifi is utilized. And in comparison to most 4K camcorders of today, this is already a significant battery life. However, it might take 5 to 6 hours to recharge the battery.
  • Reliable Dedicated Application - Novacam is a very useful application. It allows you to remotely access and manage all your files. Also, the application enables you to adjust and configure the settings of the camera.
  • Strong Wifi Module - Since the application is found to be very reliable, it only means that the wifi module is also effective. Apparently, there are no known issues with its wifi connectivities, unlike other camcorders.
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    All-Inclusive Features - Features like the external microphone and wide angle lens makes this video camera camcorder stand out from its competitors. When you look for other camcorders, these features and inclusions are separate purchases.

Disadvantages of the Rraycom 4K Video Camcorder

  • Expensive - The price of this camcorder falls below $250. And this figure is pretty much above the average price for a decent 4K camcorder.
  • Lacks Basic Inclusions - This may seem to be an all-inclusive camcorder. However, it lacks a few basic accessories such as SD Cards, Stabilizers, and Mounts.
  • 4K Video Output Compatibility - Viewing your Rraycom output and files can become a little tricky. When you use Apple QuickTime Player, you can watch and review your files at its highest resolutions, which is 4K. However, if you are to use other video players, it would not let you view the videos at 4K.

The Verdict: Is It Worth It?

There are a lot of reasons why Rraycom 4K Video Camcorder is very popular today.

Aside from its classy and sleek appearance, this camcorder can provide a lot of innovative and impressive features. From these points alone, it is safe to say that this camcorder is a great tool to use when capturing images and shooting videos.

And in considering its price, it might be a little pricey than the average but its features can truly justify its worth. If you want to find more great deals be sure to return to our home page!