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What Is A Camcorder?

To date, camcorders are widely used for broadcasting and film making. But did you know that this was not the case decades ago? And right now, a lot of people still wonder and ask questions like - “what is a camcorder?” or “what is the difference between video cameras and camcorders?

Questions like these are quite normal, especially to the newer generation who have no apparent experience with camcorders due to technological advancements. So, if you are asking the same questions, then this post is what you might need. If you are looking for the best 4k Camera/Camcorder, check out our review page.

What Is A Camcorder and What Does It Do?

Technically, a camcorder is an electronic device that is used to shoot and record videos. But in the first few years of video recording, there are originally two electronic devices used to do these processes.

what does camcorder do

These two electronic devices are the video camera and the video recorder. Before I explain this further, take note that all camcorders are video cameras, but not all video cameras are camcorders.

This might sound a little bit strange but back in the days, video-camera is primarily used to capture motion picture data, and the video recorder was used to record video data. These were done separately and required two to three persons to mange. During these years, the video cameras are usually huge and heavy. They are supported by big pedestals wherein the video recorder is attached.

But many thanks to the wonderful works of technology, gone are the days when video shooting and recording are done in two separate ways. Camcorders are the very reasons why we can leave those days behind.

When camcorders first stormed out the market, it already revolutionized the film industry. And this is because camcorders are much more cost-effective, convenient, and reliable in comparison to the early video cameras and video recorders. And as time passes by, camcorders continue to evolve. In fact, they are much more portable these days.

So, if you are to ask anyone around today - “What is a Camcorder?” - They would normally tell you that a camcorder is any device that can both capture and record a video like in the case of your smartphones. Although this is, in some way and somehow, true, the literal camcorders are still different from the gadgets today

Camcorder and Camera: Are They The Same?

No, they are not.

By and large, digital camera is far different from camcorders. The latter has only one function, and that is to record videos. Unlike digital cameras, the primary function of this device is to capture still photos. And recording videos is just an additional feature.

camcorder record videos

Apparently, camcorders are the best devices to use in shooting films and motion pictures. This is because they are naturally designed for these purposes. All the components of the camcorders are built to enhance and improve video recording.

Although digital cameras can do this function as well, they do not possess the exact same specifications that a camcorder has. And you would significantly see the differences in the output.

Some would say that digital cameras, like Digital SLRs, are much improved and advanced to the point that they can already replace the camcorders. Yes, they are much more innovative than before but they can never replace the camcorders.

Just ponder on this question, how many films and movie productions have you seen that used digital cameras and SLRs in shooting and taping their videos?

Probably, none, right?

Just by simply pondering on this thought, you would already know that camcorders are worlds apart from digital cameras. And learning this aspect will further help you understand the answer to the question - what is a camcorder?

What Makes Camcorders Different?

In relation to the given thought above, it is a fact that no one in the film industry produces films and tapes by using SLRs. Although there may be a few people, especially the newbies and entry-level users, camcorders are still the best option to use when shooting and recording videos. A lot of you are probably wondering, whats a DSLR, we wrote a comparison breakdown here. 

So, why is that?

Primarily, camcorders are designed to provide efficient ergonomics to the users and filmmakers. Accordingly, camcorders are very convenient to use when shooting and recording videos.

a camcorder

The overall structure and build of these devices are essentially designed to give the users a hassle-free shooting and recording. This is why camcorder users are seen to capture and record videos effectively even when the motion runs too long.

Conversely, digital cameras and digital SLRs are not entirely ergonomic. They are primarily designed to capture images quickly. So, it is not largely convenient for one to use it for too long. Hence, users would feel more tired when using these devices on taping and recording videos.

Secondly, other professionals and enthusiasts would attest that camcorders offer the best and highest video resolutions. Although this is debatable since many digital cameras today can also give you the highest qualities of videos. Nevertheless, camcorders remain to be the top choice.

And thirdly, camcorders can offer the best audio qualities. And there is no doubt about it. When you use digital cameras to shoot and record videos, it produces sound and vibration that significantly alter the overall audio quality of the video. And this is very apparent to videos that use a lot of zooming in and out.

As for camcorders, they are normally equipped with built-in microphones that highly differentiate the audio quality of these devices from the audio quality of digital cameras.

Final Thoughts

These are only some of the main points that you need to know in order to answer the question - what is a camcorder?

Now, technology keeps on improving and advancing. Some camcorders have flash memory storage. And because of this, there are already a lot of innovative solutions for video recording that are offered on the market. One great example of these solutions is the action cameras.

But even so, camcorders remain to be the most fitting choice for video recording due to its overall structure, build, and features. Just like cameras and technology we are often making updates, so be sure to check back to our homepage!

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